Indecent Exposure

Indecent Exposure

When I was younger I regularly dreamed that I was sitting on a toilet with no door, or that I was in a public place wearing my pyjamas… or sometimes, nothing at all. Dipping my toe into the social media pool has rekindled those old insecurities. Yes, I am a member of Facebook, but my friends list and privacy settings are limited to sharing with people who I actually know. The idea of having my ‘stuff’ out there for strangers to see and judge, with or without my knowledge, sends me into a cold sweat. I feel exposed!

The first mission for my adventures in Blogland was to find out what it’s all about. So after familiarizing myself with my new surroundings, here are the conclusions I’ve reached about blogging that will shape my future posts

  1. There is no one size fits all. Blogs will generally appeal to a niche audience. There is no point trying to be everything to everyone. Be yourself.
  2. Quantity≠Quality. Our attention spans aren’t what they used to be. Make your point. Quickly.
  3. It’s like a conversation. The whole point of Web 2.0 technologies is the interaction. Comment forums turn a blog from a monologue into a friendly chat.
  4. Make it pretty. Images grab attention. Whole pages of text are a put off.
  5. Keep it current. Your content becomes fish&chip wrappers in no time. Regular updates are a way to respond to followers and establish their loyalty.

This novice blogger would love to hear your thoughts. What keeps you coming back? What is an instant unfollow?


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Studying for Bachelor of Information Science (IT) through Massey Univeristy's extramural programme. Raising two small people and two furbabies. Part time teacher.

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