The Porous Membrane

This is what my brain has decided a porous membrane looks like

 As a visual learner, the term ‘The Porous Membrane’ has made quite an impression.   In reference to Social Media, it encapsulates the idea that conversations exist within an organisation and within that organisation’s market, and that these conversations are separated by a ‘membrane’.

The more porous your membrane, the easier it is for the internal conversation to inform and align with the external conversation, and vice versa.(

My definition, and understanding, of Social Media has broadened dramatically since the start of this semester. It would have been hard not to notice the trends toward self-broadcast and web based relationships enabled by sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and various blog platforms. It is obvious that marketing strategies have adapted to capitalise on these trends. What I hadn’t thought about, and what is making my brain pop at the moment, is the confidence of commentators like Niall Cook and Don Tapscott that social networking will change the world as we know it. So in order to share my brain buzz with you, I’m going to base my next however many posts around this idea, and then we can decide for ourselves if we agree with them or not.

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Studying for Bachelor of Information Science (IT) through Massey Univeristy's extramural programme. Raising two small people and two furbabies. Part time teacher.

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