Social Media in the workplace

I caught this issue being discussed on TVNZ’s Breakfast (click to watch) this morning. It seemed very topical. Most of the comments on Breakfast’s FB page seemed to say that it was only a social activity so shouldn’t be used at work. What do we think?


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Studying for Bachelor of Information Science (IT) through Massey Univeristy's extramural programme. Raising two small people and two furbabies. Part time teacher.

2 responses to “Social Media in the workplace”

  1. Laura liufalani says :

    I am a New Zealand primary teacher teacher in an international school in the Middle East. Keeping in touch with family and friends via social media is sometimes the only way when other forms of communication are unavailable or simply unreliable. Having access at break times is essential. Having availability at all times is too much of a temptation. Blindly trusting employees, in my current setting is not an option and when in Rome…….Alas I did not see the Breakfast episode.

  2. Tracey says :

    I think that social media is an important form of communication in our shrinking world and employees should be able to use it during their break times. I also think that as social media is becoming a more important feature of how we conduct business it is going to become more important for employees to access it on a more regular basis and to know how to use it for both business and personal gains.

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